Information for the participants of our surveys

As a rule, the surveys carried out by Eezy Flow are commissioned by our customers. There are very few exceptions to this. As an unbiased and independent operator, we guarantee that the privacy of the participants of our surveys will be protected and the data provided by them will remain confidential.

In most cases, we need to process your personal data in order for you to be able to take part in the survey. The customer who ordered the survey will then act as the controller in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, and Eezy Flow will act as the processor of personal data. Eezy Flow will always process the personal data it has received in accordance with the GDPR and the instructions provided by the customer.

Which of my data is processed and how is it stored?

If Eezy Flow sent you a link to the survey form by e-mail or SMS, the customer who ordered the survey has provided us with your name and e-mail address beforehand. In this case, information that describes your position in your organisation may already have been coded into the link based on the information provided by the customer. During the data collection process, Eezy Flow will monitor the number of received responses and send reminders, based on the information in the log files, to the persons who have not yet responded. Nonetheless, to protect your privacy, direct identification data, such as your name or e-mail address, will never be stored in the data used as survey material. Once the survey has been finished, Eezy Flow will delete all links between the register of respondents and the survey responses.

If you received an electronic link to the survey from a source other than Eezy Flow (such as your employer) or if you responded to the survey using a paper form, no information on the basis of which you can be directly identified has been stored in Eezy Flow’s systems, including your name and e-mail address, unless these details have been specifically requested on the form and you have provided us with them.

Your response and any related advance information describing your position in the organisation will remain in the project-specific survey data set in Eezy Flow’s survey portal for the period of time agreed with the customer who ordered the survey. There is no identification information in the survey data on the basis of which you or another person can be directly identified. An exception to this is personal assessments, where the subject of the assessment and the persons consenting to the assessment have been named in the survey data or reports.

If, on the basis of your position, you have been granted access to the survey results via Eezy Flow Ltd’s survey portal, your name, e-mail address and access right details are stored in the portal on the basis of the information provided by the customer. Such access right register information will remain in the survey portal for as long as you have the right to access the results.

How will your data related to the survey be used?

The personal data included in the survey register of respondents is only used to collect survey data and potentially to specify the respondents’ background information coded in advance. In case of a survey targeting the customer organisation’s personnel, this information is already included in the customer organisation’s own personnel register, which Eezy Flow as the personal data processor in accordance with the GDPR may only process for the purpose specified by the customer organisation. In customer surveys, the register of respondents may comprise the customer organisation’s customer and marketing register, the processing of which is also subject to the GDPR.

The data of the respondents is used for reporting and analysing the survey results. Customer organisations use the results to improve their operations. Normally, Eezy Flow has permission to use the received responses for statistical purposes to compile survey comparison materials. In this case, the data is compiled such that it cannot be used to identify natural persons or survey results linked to the customer organisation.

The data included in the survey access right register is only used for managing the access rights to Eezy Flow’s survey portal.

If the survey comprises a prize draw for the respondents or if the respondents may gain other benefits by taking part in the survey, the respondents are always specifically asked for permission to use their personal data for said purpose. Only the necessary personal data is then disclosed to the customer organisation, but not the responses provided in the survey.

Eezy Flow Ltd will never disclose personal data related to surveys for direct marketing purposes.

How is the confidentiality of my data ensured?

Eezy Flow’s operating processes ensure strong data protection, and Eezy Flow’s information systems meet with strict data protection requirements to ensure the confidentiality of information. Eezy Flow’s servers reside in Finland, in facilities protected by appropriate protective measures.

Eezy Flow processes as confidential all information submitted to Eezy Flow by customers or respondents who are the target group of a survey in order to implement a survey project. Survey results are always reported to the customer organisation in a format that makes it impossible to identify individual respondents. At no point will responses be handed over as they are to the customer who ordered the survey. Neither does Eezy Flow hand over to the customer any information that reveals who has responded to the survey and who has not.